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Wayuu Handbag are unique handbags woven 100% by indigenous Wayuu women from Guajira Colombia. The fabric of each backpack is made with the technique of crochet or crochet, where a single needle is used. Handmade Handbags Leather

Handmade Handbags Leather Unique Designs

The tissue work is done simultaneously with their domestic activities in their homes or "Rancherías". In each piece, the Wayuu women capture what is inside. They also reflect nature, the environment, and everything that is part of their culture and tradition handbags language

Why are Wayuu Handbag unique designs Handmade Handbags Leather?

The Wayuu woman, when she weaves a backpack, does not try to imitate the design that another weaver is making, nor does she try to repeat an already seen model. His inspiration in his own experience. In his fabric he reveals how he perceives his surroundings and how he feels inside. The Wayuu woman expresses and expresses her dreams in colorful ways that give life to each backpack. Therefore each design is unique, as unique is each woman.


What material are Wayuu Handbag made of?

Wayuu Handbag are woven with industrially processed raw materials; with fine threads of mercerized cotton, yarns and acrylic fibers extracted from natural fibers of the region. Among these natural fibers are wild cotton, aipis, and magüey in wick. 

Are Wayuu Handbag washable?

Because they are handmade pieces made with acrylic threads, Wayuu Handbag can be washed by hand or in washing machines, without affecting their durability or altering their original color.

When washing in washing machines, the following instructions must be followed: Use cold water. Delicate cycle Separately. Do not use bleach. Dry at low temperature.  

Why should I wear a wayuu Handbags?

Wayuu Handbag are contemporary, but also legendary bags. They can be used on any occasion, either informally or informally.

Wayuu Handbag are appropriate for shopping. Go to the beach. To the office or workplace. To college or university. Attend meetings and social parties. Go to your medical appointment. In short, it is the ideal and unique gift that every woman would want to use. The Wayuu backpack is more than a garment or accessory. It never gets old-fashioned. Because of its great versatility of use, we will never file it in “the corner of oblivion”.


Could you send a custom handmade handbags for sale?

Yes, "Somos Wayuu" accepts custom orders. When a client makes this type of request, he must submit the design with its detailed description in an enlarged photograph or in a video. After reviewing the design, the cost is calculated and 50% of the total value is charged. 

Custom Handbag take longer to make and have a higher price. This information is received by the client before paying the 50% down payment. If at the time of delivery you are not satisfied with your order, the delivery and refund policies described on our website apply. 

 What are the measures of a wayuu Handbags?

Novel designs are being created every day with different sizes. But traditionally there are already some standard measures. The size and weight is determined by the amount of thread used. 

 Here is an example with the measures in approximation: 

SIZE Height Width Bandolier 
S 6-7" 6" 18"
M 8" 8" 21"
L 10" 12" 22"
XL 12-14" 13-16" 22"

 How long does it take to weave a Handbags?

Each elaboration depends on the size. For example, a Handbag 23cm wide by 27cm high takes 15 days. All Handbags have different sizes and there are Handbags so small that they can be woven in two or three days. It all depends on the size of each backpack.

A Handbag with normal large design, it can take approximately 20-25 days to be made. This could vary depending on the complexity of the design and the amount of thread used, as well as the firmness obtained in the fabric.


What is the value of the Handbag in the Wayuu culture?

Within the Wayuu culture, the backpack is a symbolic value that through it the woman identifies: By her art. For his job. For an excellent combination of colors behind it strokes are made and thought is woven. Because a Wayuu woman, when she makes a fabric, does nothing else for knitting. Something is traced in the wayuu woman's thought when she makes a backpack.


Does the color and figures of the Wayuu Handbag  have any meaning?

In the Guajira peninsula, the most representative are the highlighted colors. The blue color represents the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Brown represents the color of the soil. Beige represents the color of vegetation in summer as is the desert place of the upper Guajira.

The mazes in the Handbagrepresent the woman's thinking in search